Epson LABELWORKS PX Printers

  • LW-PX800
    LW-PX800 Photo

    The LW-PX800 is an easy-to-use, flexible and powerful desktop label printer that is an essential tool for the entire workplace. Fast print speeds, a compact design, and the best label-creating software on the market, the LW-PX800 gives you the ability to communicate visually across a wide variety of industry applications.  Wi-Fi connectivity opens up the printer to multiple users, increasing the flexibility of the printer while substantially reducing costs. The LW-PX800 is the single-source labeling solution everyone in your company will use. It can print on more than 163 labeling materials including magnetic tape, heat shrink tube, glow-in-the-dark tape, and industrial adhesive labels up to 1.5″ wide. K-Sun and Epson back the quality of the LW-PX800 with an unrivaled lifetime warranty and expert one-on-one customer service – a combination that can’t be beat.

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  • LW-PX400
    The Portable, Wireless Industrial Label Printer and Wire Marker
    LW-PX400 Photo

    The LW-PX400 is a portable industrial label and wire-marking printer with a lifetime warranty for creating professional labels and wire markers via Bluetooth or USB.

    • Labels from 1/8″ (4 mm) to 1″ (24 mm) wide.
    • Bluetooth printing from mobile devices or PC.
    • Easy label creation with apps, PC or Mac software.
    • 160+ different industrial adhesive supplies.
    • Shrink tube and self-lam wrap for wire marking.
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K-Sun LABELShop® Printers

  • K-Sun 2020LSTB
    First Truly Cost-Saving Electronic Labeling System
    K-Sun 2020LSTB Photo

    The K-Sun 2020LSTB is an economical electronic label, heat-shrink tube, and bar-code printer.

    A high-intensity 16-character, 4-line back-light display for easy identification in all lighting conditions. Unique, easy font size/style direct keys streamline selection from among 14 styles and 7 sizes. Hot keys for wire-wrap, patch panels and flagging simplify electrical, cable and wire identification. Made of industrial grade high-impact plastic, the 2020LSTB is designed for field or desktop use.

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  • K-Sun PEARLabel™ 270
    K-Sun PEARLabel™ 270- Industrial, 270 dpi, PC and Mac® Label Printer with Lifetime Warranty
    K-Sun PEARLabel™ 270 Photo

    The K-Sun PEARLabel™ 270 with MaxiLabel® Pro Ver.4.0 Labeling Software is Windows 7 and Mac® compatible. It features 270 dpi thermal transfer print resolution in a sleek compact design. It prints on 105 different industrial Heat Shrink Tube, wire wrap, and special labeling materials in sizes ranging from 1/6” (4mm) to 1” (24mm) for multiple labeling applications and 15 heat shrink tube sizes and colors ranging from 1/8” up to ½” (AWG size range 1-22).

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  • K-Sun BEE3-EZ
    The Easy, Portable Solution For Labeling, Bar Code and Heat Shrink Tube Identification
    K-Sun BEE3-EZ Photo

    The K-Sun BEE3®EZ and EZ+ are electronic portable, compact keyboard printers that create custom adhesive-backed labels in over 60 different sizes and color combinations. They also print on polyolefin heat shrink tube materials for wire and cable identification. Both printers have 8-Bar Code formats for making custom bar code labels for multiple uses in warehouses, plants, labs, electrical, office, maintenance and more.

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  • K-Sun 2011XLB-PC
    This printer model is discontinued
    K-Sun 2011XLB-PC Photo

    The LABELShop® 2011XLB-PC label printer is discontinued. Labeling tapes for this printer are still available. Suggested alternative: 2020LSTB-PC label printer.

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  • K-Sun 2011XLB
    This printer model is discontinued
    K-Sun 2011XLB Photo

    The LABELShop® 2011XLB label printer is discontinued. Labeling tapes for this printer are still available. Suggested alternative: 2020LSTB Label Printer.

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  • K-Sun 2010-PC
    This printer model is discontinued
    K-Sun 2010-PC Photo

    The LABELShop® 2010-PC label printer is discontinued. Labeling tapes for this printer are still available. Suggested alternatives: PEARLabel™ 270 or PEARLabel™ 360.

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